SBA Sports Analytics Division

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Launched in 2019, the Sports Analytics Division of USC SBA strives to bring together students with a passion for sports analytics. Our key components are spreading information on sports analytics, conducting in-house sports analytics research, and offering opportunities to network with sports analytics professionals.

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upcoming events:

Information Session 9/24 @ 8 pm - ACC 201

NFL Data Tutorial 10/1 @ 8 pm - ACC 201

Industry Professional Panel 10/15 @ 8 pm - ACC 201



Useful links for sports data/research:

  • NFL

    • Football Outsiders - Football Outsiders is best known for DVOA ratings (Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average), which contextualize NFL team’s performances. Their website has statistics for every position and team-level projections for the rest of the season. They have statistics dating back to 1986 to study league-wide trends, as well.

    • Pro Football Focus - PFF is an industry leader in football analytics. You’ve probably heard Cris Collinsworth mention their grades on Sunday Night Football countless times. Their website has numerous articles, and you can access all player grades with a premium subscription.

    • Pro Football Reference - Pro Football Reference is the ultimate database for historical statistics in the NFL. You can use their Player Season Finder to search for seasons that meet specific criteria; for example, Pat Mahomes in 2018 was the only player in NFL history under 25 years old to complete 65% of his pass attempts and throw 40 TD passes.

  • MLB

    • Baseball Reference - Also within the Sports Reference network, Baseball Reference is known for pioneering the statistic WAR (Wins Above Replacement) which assesses a player’s value in every aspect of the game.

    • Baseball Savant - Baseball Savant is an all-in-one reference for MLB’s Statcast data, which measures launch angle and exit velocity, and many statistics calculated from Statcast data. It also allows you to download the data and use it in your own research.

    • FanGraphs - FanGraphs is one of the pioneering websites for baseball analytics. They provide a great blend of analytical content and statistics you can look up yourself. Several of their writers have gone on to work for MLB teams, so it’s safe to say that front offices are reading their analysis. They also have their own calculation of WAR which varies slightly from Baseball Reference WAR.

  • NBA

    • Basketball Reference - Also within the Sports Reference network, Basketball Reference has statistics, scores, and history for the NBA, ABA, WNBA, and top European competition. As it is with football and baseball, they are a great resource for very specific data searches across basketball history.

    • NBA Advanced Stats - The NBA’s home page for just about any basketball statistics imaginable, including Second Spectrum tracking data.

  • FiveThirthyEight - Statistician Nate Silver’s website with statistical analysis of all sports. 538 writers are among the sharpest in their respective sports, and they also have predictive rankings of all major sports leagues.